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Protecting your investment – it means more than insuring the plant. It also means keeping your equipment in top condition to maximize service life and upgrading to keep in step with changing technology. That’s why you can count on Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. – the responsive company with comprehensive rotating equipment service and support.

We have earned a reputation for quality by supporting our customers with specialized technical product support and our ability to respond promptly to customer demands. Excellent service is assured by people who understand your equipment and process needs. Our experienced staff of service engineers can spot potential performance problems and recommend corrective action. Continue to enjoy the benefits of first-hand product knowledge and problem solving capabilities by having us instruct your on-site staff. We can recommend ways to improve your equipment efficiency and reduce operation costs with improvements such as overhauls and upgrades. Our extensive experience gives us a strong base to help customers develop effective stocking programs. Rely on us to maximize your equipment availability.

Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. experience… responding with solutions for over 100 years.

Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. is an original equipment manufacturer with quality that’s been established worldwide. A complete range of customer-focused service has proven Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. the ideal partner for any application.


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No problem. We are available after business hours via our emergency cell phone. Contact us for any emergency service or parts needed.