Producing Power


Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. A.C. generators are designed to provide reliable, efficient operation in all types of power generation applications. They’ve proven their reliability with years of service in thousands of applications around the world.

Ranging in size from 500 to 30,000 KW, synchronous generators are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. They can be furnished at speeds of 100-1,800 RPM, with output voltages of 380 through 15,000 Volts.

Generators and motors can be furnished in a variety of enclosures, ranging from open type to totally enclosed type with air-to-water heat exchangers. A complete range of accessories and protective devices is also available.

Utilizing Power


Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. offers a wide range of motors for virtually any application. Synchronous motors are available from 100 – 1800 RPM in the range of 500 – 30,000 HP. Induction motors from 500 – 7,000 HP can be supplied at speeds of 240 – 3,600 RPM.

Our motors employ the same quality material and rugged construction techniques as our generators, and are also available in both vertical and horizontal designs. All types of enclosures can be provided, as well as a wide variety of accessories and protective devices.

Special designs are available to meet the requirements of all types of driven equipment, and we also manufacture motors that are designed to meet the demands of variable frequency drive (VFD) applications.

Controlling Power


Who is better qualified to meet your needs for switchgear and controls than your motor or generator supplier?

At Hyundai Ideal Electric Co., we have the rotating equipment experience and knowledge needed to provide reliable, economical switchgear and control system designs.

When you buy both the rotating equipment and controls from Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. you can be sure that you are getting a coordinated package that will do the right job from the start.


All generators and motors are manufactured using top quality materials and rugged construction techniques. Stator laminations are punched from low-loss electrical sheet steel, and frames are constructed of heavy steel plate.

All stator and field coils are wound using copper wire. Several different class “F” insulation systems are available to meet the requirements of various voltage ratings
and environments.

Shaft size and material are selected to keep stresses within conservative limits. Bearing brackets and pedestals are fabricated from steel plate, and both sleeve and antifriction type bearings are available.