Company History

Old drawing of Ideal Electric factory

The Ideal Electric Company was created in 1903 out of the Card Electric Company. At that time, the plant occupied 2500 square feet in a converted horse carriage shop.

Through the guidance of founder and first president, Glen Vinson, Ideal Electric grew steadily and consistently through the years. Ideal’s first product was a split frame motor developed for streetcars.

Pioneering Synchronous Motors and Generators

After World War I, Ideal pioneered two products for the electrical industry. The first was large, slow speed synchronous motors and generators. The second was the poly-phase capacitor induction motor.

During World War II, Ideal was an active supplier to the armed forces. Generator sets delivered to the Navy provided shipboard power for the EC-2 Liberty class ships, while Ideal motor-generator sets powered gun turrets on U.S. cruisers.

Continuous Innovation

In the 1950’s, Ideal Electric led the move to brushless excitation of synchronous machines. Ideal Electric also developed both synchronous and induction motors for use with variable frequency drives.

A New Beginning

Due to Ideal’s success producing motors for compressors, they were acquired from the Vincent family by the Carrier Corporation in 1976.

United Technologies acquired Carrier in 1979, and as part of a restructuring, divested Ideal Electric.
In 1986, Michael Vucelic, along with 16 of Ideal’s employees led a management buyout of Ideal Electric.

Expanded Capabilities

Our growth necessitated the development of an engineering staff capable of designing and building products to suit the needs of an industry that is diversified and always seeking better performance.

Our present plant is located on a 29-acre site with over 280,000 sf under roof. Our product line now includes all types of industrial switchgear and rotating equipment.

Current Hyundai Ideal  building front

New Ownership

In 2007, Ideal Electric was purchased by Hyundai Heavy Industries of Ulsan, South Korea. The rich tradition and commitment of Ideal carries on under the new moniker of Hyundai Ideal Electric Co.

Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. Today

Today, Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. is a market leader in made to order medium and high power motors and generators. HIEC serves a wide variety of markets including oil and gas, petrochemical, municipal, utility and the critical renewable energies markets for hydro and geothermal steam.

Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. ships approximately 35% of its product overseas. This figure is expected to rise as the need for rugged motors and generators increases around the world.

The increase in international business, along with our commitment to excellence led the way to international ISO 9001 certification in 1996.

Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. is one of the few generator manufacturers who builds their own switchgear and is the only U.S. manufacturer to supply space-saving generator-mounted epicyclic gears.

Our People Make the Difference

The Ideal tradition is carried forward by our 250 plus employees. Hyundai Ideal Electric Co. prides itself in having expert craftsmen. Some of our current workers have relatives who were with Ideal when the company was formed. The average employee has over 20 years’ experience with the company. This experience and pride results in excellent workmanship. These skills are complemented by an experienced custom design engineering staff.

The unique combination of engineering and manufacturing experience, developed over 100 years, assures high quality in every product.